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Common Router Problems and their Solutions

Currently, home internet runs most of the smart devices, online gaming platforms and streaming video services, making the need for a strong internet connection, a basic need. What happens when your router sours up your day, especially if you work from home and more often than not, most households end up contacting their Internet Service Providers to solve the issue, without carrying out the basic checks on their router. Here we will go through some of the common router problems and their solutions.

Your neighbours are stealing your wireless signal

If your wireless has no encryption or using an old encryption scheme (WEP), anyone with a bit of knowledge can connect and use your network, slowing your internet connection down. The result; slower browsing experience for you, the risk doing illegal activities using your Internet account, your address and your name or even watching your cctv cameras without your knowledge.

You can fix your internet connection issues easily with our Router help. Our services are online and can be availed anytime and from anywhere. We will configure your Linksys, Belkin, HP, Trendnet, and Arris Router settings to give faster downloads and save your time and money.

Router overloading

our Router may get overloaded or overheated while downloading large files and using multiple devices at the same time. Sometimes overheating may also lead to random shutting down of the Router.


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